September 1955 • Table of Contents

195509 Cover 2

On the Cover: Made in Britain

On the cover: In this issue throwing from a lump of clay, enameling, pinch pots and much more. Cover art by Robert L. Creager.



Throwing from a Lump of Clay by Tom Sellers
Human Relations by Edris Eckhardt
Enameling: Copper-Wire Accent by Jo Rebert
Made in Britain by K.L. Boynton
Brief: Tiny Flowers for Jewelry
Pinch a Pot by Phil Allen  
Ceramic Base for a Column of Light by John Kenny
Overglaze Page: Know Your Colors by Zena Holst

Plaster Series: Horizontal Template by Dorothy Perkins
Enameling Effects and Defects by Jean O’Hara

Ceramic Shopper 
Suggestions from Our Readers
Answers to Questions  
State Directory: Where to Buy Supplies   
Advertisers Index
CM Briefs: Molds from Household Shapes; Oil for Enameling; Bats for Wheels; Handling Large Molds 

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