September 1954 • Table of Contents

195409 Cover 2

On the Cover: 16th Century Sketch of Potter

On the cover: Cover design by Robert L. Creager from a 16th century sketch of a potter working on the wheel.



Throwing on the Potter’s Wheel by Tom Sellers
Enameling: Sift-and-Stencil Techniques by Jean O’Hara
From the Holst Notebook
Decorating Lessons—No. 6: Plant Forms
The Overglaze Page by Zena Holst  
How to Make a Set of Coasters by John Kenny

CM Briefs: Ceramic Activities; Gardenful of Ideas; Clean Your Enamels!; Decorating Idea
Suggestions from Readers 
Answers to Questions 
Advertising Index 
New & Useful 
State Directory: Where to Buy Supplies

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