October 2014 • Table of Contents

Focus: Gallery Guide

As makers, I think we are so lucky to have this cross-over experience, of both understanding how something is created, and understanding the important role that handmade objects play. They make experiences and our environment special, they connect us to others, make us think, and inspire us in the studio.–Jessica Knapp, editor.

on the cover: Trey Hill's Navigating the Decline, 4.5 feet (1.4 m) in height, ceramic, underglaze, metal leaf, powder-coated steel, 2013. Photo: Louis Haybeck.

In This Issue

Current and Upcoming
Clay Culture: Collecting Stories
by Bill Griffith
Clay Culture: Born Collector
by Margaret Carney
Studio Visit: Emily Schroeder Willis,
Chicago, Illinois.
Meaning and Interaction: Trey Hill's Balancing Act
by Katey Schultz
A Place of Reflection: Po-Wen Liu
by Dr. Elizabeth Perrill
Attempting to Learn from a Rock: The Work of Jennie Shanker
by Andrea Marquis
Peter Callas' Hot Environment
reviewed by Anthony Merino
All Those Plates: Molly Hatch's
Physic Garden
by Sarah Werthan Buttenweiser
The Onggi Wheel: A Modern Approach to an Ancient Tool
by Ronald Shaw
Techno File: Opacifiers
by Dave Finkelnburg
Tips and Tools: Glass Crusher
by Sherman Hall
Trey Hill, Emily Schroeder Willis, and John Britt's glazes
Spotlight: Curating a Connection
by Namita Gupta Wiggers
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