October 1965 • Table of Contents

196510 Cover 2

On the Cover: Wheel-thrown bottles by Rose Cabat

On the cover: Mrs. Cabat’s pottery includes a large porcelain bottle and six miniature bottles of porcelain and stoneware.



Charles Lakofsky by Roger D. Bonham
Lakofsky Demonstrates: Rounding a Square Pot by Roger D. Bonham
Draping Clay in a Clay Mold by F. Carlton Ball
Raku: Part 2 by Hal Riegger
A Group Project in Ceramics by Irene Rushmer
Enameled Belts by Kathe Berl
Show Time: Arizona Crafts; Creative Crafts IV; Canadian Ceramics
Low Fire Iron-Spot Glazes  
Stick Figure Decoration by Marc Bellaire

Letters to the Editor  
Suggestions from Our Readers 
CM’s Picture of the Month 
Answers to Questions 

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