October 1964 • Table of Contents

196410 Cover 2

On the Cover: Painted Pottery Head

On the cover: Painted Pottery Head from Mexico, made sometime between 200 and 900 A.D., was unearthed in the excavations at Remojadas, Veracruz. It is slightly over 7.5 inches high.



Change-of-Pace Glazes by Richard Behrens
A Thailand Pottery by Miska Petersham
Multiple Forms
The Story of Cones (Part I) by Linden E. Shipley

Making a Casting Collar by Guy Moore
Large Pots on the High School Level by Robert Iverson
A Stand-up Glaze Decoration demonstrated by Marc Bellaire
Show Time: Pittsburgh Craftsmen’s Guild
“Taboo” Techniques for Enameling by Kathe Berl

Letters to the Editor
Suggestions from Our Readers 
CM’s Picture of the Month 
Ceramic Shopper 

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