November 1966 • Table of Contents

196611 Cover 2

On the Cover: “Corner House” by Clyde Burt

On the cover: “Corner House” is a ceramic and wood construction 19 inches wide and 5 feet high.



Clyde Burt by Roger D. Bonham
Clyde Burt Designs a Wall Plaque by Roger D. Bonham
Decorative Effects from Ribbed Glass, Part 2 by Mary Lou Stribling
Nature as Designer by Bertel Bager
Creche Figures by Lucia B. Comins

Champleve Enamels by Polly Rothenberg
Hard Luster Glazes by Miska F. Petersham and James M. Someroski

Letters to the Editor 
Answers to Questions
Show Time: Stoneware by John Goodheart
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