November 1955 • Table of Contents

195511 Cover 2

On the Cover: How-to’s for the Holidays

On the cover: In this issue 3-D Christmas ornaments, ceramic jewelry, the Leach Pottery and much more. Cover art by Robert L. Creager.



3-D Christmas Ornaments by Kathe Berl
Sculpture: The Human Angle by Edris Eckhardt
Britain: The Leach Pottery by K.L. Boynton
Napkin Rings by Phil Allen
Ceramic Jewelry Adventures by Marion Sawhill
Overglaze: On Decorating Glass by Zena Holst

Answers to Questions
Suggestions from Our Readers 
State Directory: Where to Buy Supplies
CM Briefs: A Set of Santas; Mold Collars Make Bells; Decorative Candle Holders 
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