May 2011 • Table of Contents

Focus: Emerging Artists

If you look closely at this year’s Emerging Artists, you’ll see the creative successes first, and even though the artists themselves intend this, I challenge you to look further than that and look for the hard work. —Sherman Hall, Editor

On the cover: Cornucopia 09-Y3, 20 in. (52 cm) in diameter, clay and cast glass, by Etsuko Tashima, 2009. Photo: Taku Saiki.

In This Issue

Techno File: Flameware
by David Pier
Clay Culture: History of the World in 100 Objects by Holly Goring
Clay Culture: The Leach Pottery, 1952
Clay Culture: Tile, Tile Everywhere
by Jessica Knapp
Studio Visit: Munemitsu Taguchi, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
On the Pursuit of Beauty: Etsuko Tashima by Naomi Tsukamoto
Best Practices for a Safe and Healthy Studio by Lilia Chen MS, CIH; Jessica Ramsey, MS; Scott Brueck, MS, CIH; Maureen Niemeier, BBA
Glaze: Oil Spot and Hare’s Fur Glazes
by John Britt
Spotlight: Sustainable Studio
by Lee Akins

Emerging Artists

Aaron Tennessee Benson, Helena, Montana
Douglas Peltzman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mike Jabbur, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Angelique Tassistro, Asheville, North Carolina
Guy Michael Davis and Katie Parker, Cincinnati, Ohio
Myungjin Kim, Torrance, California
Kip O’Krongly, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Yoko Sekino-Bové, Washington, Pennsylvania
Peter Christian Johnson, La Grande, Oregon
Cary Weigand, Jacksonville, Oregon
Courtney Murphy, Helena, Montana
Adam Welch, New York, New York
Darien Johnson, Buffalo, New York
Kala Stein, Alfred, New York
Meredith Host, Kansas City, Missouri


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