May 2000 • Table of Contents

On the Cover: Teapot by Lisa Orr

On the cover: Lisa Orr's teapot, 7 inches in height, wheel-thrown and altered earthenware, fired to Cone 03 in oxidation.

In This Issue

Robert Tetu: Closing the Circle
by Lucie Gilchrist
Controlled Drying and Firing: Large-Scale Sculpture and Tile 
by Nan Smith
Have Kiln Design, Will Travel
by Elaine Levin
A Dialogue with Lisa Orr
by Rafael Molina-Rodriguez
Two Cultures Become One with Clay by Denise E. Coffee
by Lyn Kidder
Jean Barile
by Nancy McCroskey Hrehov
A Lifelong Relationship
by Jan de Rooden
Johnny Rolf
by Marianne Abel
School and Beyond
by Andy Cantrell
Layered Meaning: The Sculpture of Julianne Harvey by Richard Garriott-Stejskal A Typical Firing by Alan Myers
From Graphics to Clay Owls
by Jack Kabat


Letters to the Editor
Suggestions from Our Readers
Answers to Questions
Minimizing Hazards with MSDSs by Lynn Clark
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