May 1958 • Table of Contents


On the Cover: Stoneware Bottle by Angelo C. Garzio

Stoneware bottle won one of the three equal awards in the ceramics category of the Sixth Annual Miami National Ceramics Exhibition. Made from a local stoneware clay, the pot has a red iron stain finger-painted over a white matt glaze. It was fired to cone 13 in a reducing atmosphere. The piece is 8 inches tall and 8 inches in diameter.

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Glazes to Enhance Textures by Oppi Untracht

Enameling: Still Life by Nelly Allan

Stoneware: Induced Crawling for Decorative Effect by F. Carlton Ball

Carved Wood Blocks to Decorate Pottery by Betse Lewis

Underglaze: Dramatize Design with Sgraffito demonstrated by Marc Bellaire

Teacher's Pet: Organizing 300 Pupils a Week by Joseph Taylor

Using Toy Balloons Instead of Molds by Reinhold P. Marxhausen

Enameler's Column by Kathe Berl

Overglaze: How to Use Lustres (Part 6) by Zena Holst


Pic of the Month


Ceramic Shopper


Answers to Questions

Show Time: The 6th Miami National


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