May 1956 • Table of Contents

195605 Cover 2

On the Cover: Rocking Pots

In this issue making a bottle, enameling, brush decoration and much more.

On the cover: Cover art by Robert L. Creager.



Brush Shapes Make Pleasing Decorations by Vera Walkup
Throwing: Making a Bottle by Tom Sellers
Rocking Pots by Mary Kretsinger
Slab Building in a Mold by Muriel Anderson
Enameling: Link Bracelets by Jo Rebert
A Mold for Solid Casting by Dorothy Perkins
The Enameler’s Column by Kathe Berl
Overglaze Page: Holst Notebook by Zena Holst
The Underglaze Series by Madge Tummins

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CM Briefs: Ceramic Accessories; Crayons as Wax Resist
Show Time: “62nd Annual” 
Ceramic Shopper 
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