March 2012 • Table of Contents

Focus: Breaking Molds, Breaking Boundaries

Many artists find themselves overcoming issues far more complex than sagging plates, and the creative process that is wrapped up in material, form, and technique is at the center of this kind of problem solving. —Sherman Hall, Editor

On the cover: Axis, 36 in. (92 cm) in height, cone 6 slip-cast stoneware, 2011, by Eliza Au, British Columbia, Canada. Photo: David Stevenson.

In This Issue

Clay Culture: Mashiko Revisited
by John Baymore
Clay Culture:  Semper Fidelis
by Tom Hubbard
Clay Culture: Eva Zeisel, 1906–2011
by Margaret Carney
Studio Visit: Kenji Uranishi
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Doug Jeck: Early Works
reviewed by Matthew Kangas
Eliza Au: The Beauty of Order
by Amy Gogarty
Atmospheric-like Effects for Electric Firing by Steven Hill
Annabeth Rosen: Fictions of Stability
Reviewed by Kathleen Whitney
International Ceramics Competition Mino, in Mino, Japan
reviewed by Naomi Tsukamoto
Techno File: Castable Refractory
by John Britt
Spotlight: Fragile Function
by Boaz and Mey Kahn, StudioKahn


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