March 2011 • Table of Contents

Focus: Relaunch

Well, here we are, folks, at the relaunch issue of Ceramics Monthly. Most of you know by now that we have been working on this for quite some time, and it would be redundant for me to list all of the things we have tweaked and shuffled in order to arrive here, so I suggest you dive right in, flip through and have a good look.—Sherman Hall, Editor

On the cover: Compound pocket vase, 12 in. (30 cm) in height, thrown and altered stoneware with resist glaze decoration, by Nick Joerling, Penland, North Carolina.

In This Issue

Clay Culture: Daniel Johnston's One Hundred Jars
Clay Culture: Low High-Tech
by Peter Wray
Clay Culture: Ayumi Horie's Pots in Action
Clay Culture: The Periodic Table of Videos
Studio Visit: Lorna Meaden, Durango, Colorado
An Unsaid Quality
by Janet Koplos
Minkyu Lee: Hidden Structure Revealed
by David Damkoehler
MFA Factor: University of South Carolina
Eric Knoche: Points of Connection
by Katey Schultz
Paul Soldner, 1921–2011
by Doug Casebeer
Silicon Carbide: The Stuff of Stars
by Mark Chatterley
Spotlight: Nick Joerling Shifts Gears


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