March 2010 • Table of Contents

Focus: Education

In ceramics, education is about the biggest can of worms there is. It can be difficult to define it in a way that includes all of its various wriggling parts. Add to that the fact that we all have widely varying experiences when learning about ceramics, and the discussion can sometimes stall before it even starts—but I always try to power on through to some sort of common ground; call me an optimist. So, in this issue we will talk about community education through a ceramic lending library, as well as various kinds of green research at post-secondary ceramic programs. Comprehensive? No—but we think it's a good sample of some new thing happening in ceramic education today.—Sherman Hall, Editor

On the cover: Platter, 20 in. (51 cm) in diameter, stoneware, fired to cone 10 in reduction, by Peter Karner.

In This Issue

Glassagama: The Corning Wood-Burning Furnace
by Fred Herbst
Cups on Loan: The Artstream Ceramic Library by Alleghany Meadows, Ayumi Horie, and Mary Barringer
The Wisdom of Crowds: Green Research in Universities
by Kristin Schimik
Sustainable Ceramic Practice
by Brian Kluge
Steve Reynolds: Off the Wall
by Kathleen Whitney
Peter Karner
by Jules Masterjohn
Studio Visit: Matthew Harris, Boulder, Colorado


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