March 2001 • Table of Contents

On the Cover: "Bang Pots" by Steve Tobin.

On the cover: Pennsylvania artist Steve Tobin addresses the concept of creation.

In This Issue

Life Systems, Life Cycles
by Glen R. Brown
Focus on Function: The University of Minnesota Ceramics Biennial 
by Mason Riddle
Terra: Hungarian Ceramics
by Robin Rice
Kaname Takada
Jillian Banks: Giving Form to Allegory 
by Lisa Crawford Watson
The Container as Metaphor: John Rohlfing's Painterly Vessels
by Matt Damsker
Todd Piker and the Cornwall Bridge Influence
by Phyllis Blair Clark
Wesley Anderegg
by Dorothy Joiner
Steve Tobin: Ideas and Theater
by John Perreault
Richard Behrens: A Tribute
by Tom Buck
Ivy Heymann
by Lyn Kidder


Letters to the Editor
Suggestions from Our Readers
Answers to Questions
Evolving Legacies: NCECA 2001 Conference Preview
Up Front
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