June/July/August 2014 • Table of Contents

Focus: Working Potters

In this issue, we cover the careers of several working potters who have either transitioned into life as a working artist from another career or from school, apprenticeships, and internships within the last 10 years or so. Their paths are varied and provide insight into both the satisfaction and stress of making a living in clay. —Sherman Hall, Editor.

On the cover: Monica Ripley's dinner plates, 12 in. (30 cm) in diameter, porcelain, copper slip decoration, oxidation-fired to cone 10, 2014.

In This Issue

Exposure: Images from current and upcoming exhibitions.
Clay Culture: The Talavera Tradition
by Lauren Karle
Working Potter:
Yasha Butler
Working Potter:
East Fork Pottery
Working Potter:
Monica Ripley
Working Potter:
Birdie Boone
Working Potter:
Adam Frew
Working Potter:
Kyla Toomey
Flow: NCECA Invitational Exhibition
Reviewed by Heidi McKenzie
Becoming: Refrain, The Work of
Hsu Yunghsu
Reviewed by Virginia Pfau
How Low Can You Go?
by Bryan Hopkins
Techno File: Raw Glazing, Single Firing
by Steven Hill
Tips and Tools: Control at the Top
by Jim Wylder
Recipes: East Fork Pottery and Kyla Toomey share slip and glaze recipes
Spotlight: Pop-Up Shows
by Sarita Koivukoski
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