June/July/August 2012 • Table of Contents

Focus: Working Potters

I enjoy the labor required in the ceramics studio; the physical effort required to change one object into raw material for the creation of another object is transformative not only for the material, but for my understanding of how the world fits together, of how many things we take for granted. —Sherman Hall, Editor

On the cover: Mark Knott’s watering can, 13 in. (33 cm) in height, wheel-thrown and altered porcelain with flashing slip and copper blue glaze decoration, soda fired to cone 6. Photo: Walter Montgomery.

In This Issue

Clay Culture: Order of Canada
by Sherman Hall
Clay Culture: Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History by Jessica Knapp
Studio Visit: Billy Lloyd
London, England
Working Potter: Mark Knott
Suwanee, Georgia
Working Potter: Linda Christianson
Lindstrom, Minnesota
Working Potter: Jeremy Nichols
Broxbourne, England
Working Potter: Lisa Naples
Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Working Potter: Tara Wilson
Helena, Montana
Working Potter: George Lowe
Decorah, Iowa
Seattle Ceramics 1964–1977: Connoisseurs’ Cross Section
by Matthew Kangas
The Ceramic Continuum of Nikos Rodios
by Mark Messenger
Virtual Paris: Ceramics and the World Wide Web by Glen R. Brown
Techno File: Copper Oxide
by John Britt
Spotlight: Mobile Raku
by Brett Thomas


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