June/July/August 2011 • Table of Contents

Focus: Working Potters

We do a lot of thinking about and talking about the romantic side of being a potter—even those of us who are professional potters must reflect from time to time on how their days just don’t seem to reflect that same rosy story that was the original motivation for working in clay. —Sherman Hall, Editor

On the cover: Place setting, to 10½ in. (27 cm) in diameter, wheel-thrown porcelain with trailed and brushed glazes, by Free Ceramics (Emily Free Wilson, Matt Wilson, and Bobby Free), Helena, Montana.

In This Issue

Techno File: Glaze Unity Formula
by Tina Gebhart
Clay Culture: Kilns of Mashiko
by Naomi Tsukamoto
Clay Culture:Selling Mingei
by Holly Goring
Studio Visit: Adam Field and Heesoo Lee Durango, Colorado. Photo credit: Scott D.W. Smith. www.scottdwsmith.com
Working Potters: Free Ceramics
Helena, Montana
Working Potters: Ryan Greenheck
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Working Potters: Woody Hughes
Bethel, Maine
Working Potters: Fritz Rossmann
Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany
Working Potters: Michael Kline
Bakersville, North Carolina
The Hourly Earnings Project: A Working Potter Spends a Year With a Stopwatch and a Calculator by Mea Rhee
Kjell Rylander: The Anthropic Aura
by Glen R. Brown
Glaze: The Colorful World of Majolica
by Linda Arbuckle
Spotlight: Brick Buy Brick
by Joseph Sand


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