June/July/August 2009 • Table of Contents

Focus: Working Potters

Eight full-time working potters share their insights on making it in the pottery world, in the studio and in life.

On the cover: Diana Fayt

In This Issue

Work and Play: The Potter's Life
Naomi Cleary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Paul Eshelman, Elizabeth, Illinois
Jennifer Allen, Morgantown, West Virginia
Simon Levin, Gresham, Wisconsin
Kathryn Finnerty, Pleasant Hill, Oregon
Maren Kloppmann, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mark Hewitt, Pittsboro, North Carolina
Diana Fayt, San Francisco, California
Nan Smith: Evoking Nostalgia
by Glen R. Brown
Kari Radasch and the Sweetness of Discovery
by Katey Schultz
Susan Peterson, 1925-2009
by Margaret Carney
Ron Rivera, 1948-2008
by Peter Chartrand
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