June/July/August 2008 • Table of Contents

Focus: The Potter's Life

Our annual feature with advice, reflection and insights by working potters on how they balance life, work, studio, art, tough choices, easy choices, and how others might do the same.

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In This Issue

Work and Play: The Potter's Life
Choosing Solitude
Jeff Oestreich
Deeply Invested
Silvie Granatelli
Small Rewards, But Who's Counting?
Blair Meerfeld
Hard Work, Soft Clay
Mark Shapiro
Foundation Stones
John Glick
Pots in the Real World
Ayumi Horie
Painful Truths: The Art of Greg Penner
by Braden Frieder
The Eight-Month Workshop: A Journey of Discovery
by Steven Hill
Reinventing Oneself
by Hollis Walker
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