June 1958 • Table of Contents


On the Cover: Over the Summer Issue

In this issue leaf-pressed pottery, enameling, birdbath design, how to stack a kiln and much more. Cover art by Robert L. Creager.

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Leaf-Pressed Pottery by Edris Eckhardt

Enamels that are 'Really Big' by Mary Elliott

Design a Birdbath with the Birds in Mind

Teacher's Pet: Put Clay in Your Camp's Program by Helen Warbington

How to Stack a Kiln by Didier Journeaux

Saw Sculpture: Get the Most from Your Molds demonstrated by Marc Bellaire

Mosaics—The Idea's the Thing by Paul Hatgil

Hand Building: 3-in-1 Hanging Planter by Don Wood

Stoneware: Experimenting with Crackle Glazes by F. Carlton Ball

Enameler's Column by Kathe Berl

Overglaze: How to Use Lustres (Part 7) by Zena Holst


Pic of the Month


Show Time: Fiber, Clay and Metal

Answers to Questions



Highlights from the Hobby Shows

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