January 2010 • Table of Contents

Focus:  Working Sculptors Build, Cast, Carve: The Sculptor's Life

We asked seven ceramic sculptors what it takes to make a living, to make work, and to make a life. Anyone who has ever thought about what it would be like to turn a passion into a job stands to gain a lot from the advice and insights of these seasoned professionals. Tony Natsoulas, Sacramento, California; Steven Montgomery, New York, New York; Adrian Arleo, Lolo, Montana; Tim Rowan, Stone Ridge, New York; Lisa Clague, Bakersville, North Carolina; Daphne Corregan, Monaco; Michael Lucero, New York, New York.

On the cover: Multiplicity, 32 in. (81 cm) in length, clay, metal, 2002, by Lisa Clague, Bakersville, North Carolina. Photo: Tom Mills.

In This Issue

Ruth Duckworth, 1919-2009
by Thea Burger
In the Bucket: The Key to Successful Glazes excerpted from Understanding Glazes, by Richard A. Eppler with Mimi Obstler
Techno File: Silica by Dave Finkelnburg
Tim Rowan, Stone Ridge, New York
Tony Natsoulas, Sacramento, California
 Steven Montgomery, New York, New York
Adrian Arleo, Lolo, Montana
Michael Lucero, New York, New York
Lisa Clague, Bakersville, North Carolina
Daphne Corregan, Monaco


Studio Visit: John Bauman,
Warsaw, Indiana
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