January 1966 • Table of Contents

196601 Cover 2

On the Cover: Ginger Jar by William H. Fry

On the cover: Unglazed terra cotta Ginger Jar was made by the well-known woodcarver William H. Fry in 1887.



The Ceramic Reliefs of Mary Green by Jean R. Lange
Making Off-Center Shapes on the Potter’s Wheel by F. Carlton Ball
Enameled Wall Panels by Polly Rothenberg
When Fingers Think by Helen Young
Stoneware-Type Bodies and Glazes at Cones 04-4 by Richard Behrens
Rookwood Pottery 

Caring for Enameling Equipment by Kathe Berl

Letters to the Editor 
Suggestions from Our Readers 
CM’s Picture of the Month
Answers to Questions
Show Time: Miami National Ceramic Exhibition 

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