January 1955 • Table of Contents

195501 Cover 2

On the Cover: Underglaze Decoration

On the cover: Cover art by Robert L. Creager.



Mosaics from Bits of Colored Tile
Throwing: Cutting Foot Rims by Tom Sellers
Carving from a Block of Clay by Edris Eckhardt
Underglaze with Sponge and Brush by Bea Matney  
How to Make a Platter by John Kenny
What are Little Zebras Made of? by Phil Allen

Clay: Plasticity and Shortness by Edgar Littlefield
The Overglaze Page: Raised Paste by Zena S. Holst
Enameling: Effects and Defects by Jean O’Hara 

Coming Up in CM 
CM Briefs: Enameled Copper Cuff Links; Ceramic Beads; Ceramic Rings
Ceramic Shopper
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