February 2009 • Table of Contents

Focus: Technology

Whether you're talking about the pottery wheel or a rapid prototyping machine, a pit in the ground or a tunnel kiln, technology is closely tied with the production of ceramic objects.

On the cover: Gillian Parke

In This Issue

The New Factory
by Andy Brayman
Combining Histories: Make, Mill, Print, Adjust, Repeat
by Steven Thurston
The Printed Pot
by Mark Ganter, Duane Storti and Ben Utela
The Moment at Hand
The Contrasts of Gillian Parke
by Kathy Norcross Watts
Ben Ryterband's Childhood Memories and Worldly Influences
by Barbara Rizza Mellin
Following Theseus: The Sculpture of Arthur Gonzalez
by D Wood
MFA Factor: Penn State
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