February 1966 • Table of Contents

196602 Cover 2

On the Cover: “Horse and Rider” by James T. Samson

On the cover: The stoneware sculpture is 21 inches high and 20 inches long, and is partially glazed in gray-blue.



Jane Parshall and Denis Chasek by Roger D. Bonham
Parshall and Chasek Demonstrate: Clay Inlay Decoration by Roger D. Bonham
Cut-Out Shapes for Enameled Wall Pieces by Polly Rothenberg
Throwing a Square Vase by F. Carlton Ball

Printing with Plastic Foam by Marc Bellaire
Changing the Fusion Levels of Glazes by Richard Behrens

Letters to the Editor 
Suggestions from Our Readers
Answers to Questions
Show Time: Wisconsin Crafts 
Ceramic Shopper
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