December 2014 • Table of Contents

On the Cover: Nolan Baumgartner

In this issue, the editorial staff asked five artists a series of questions that covered both the practicalities of designing and making sets meant for use, and the ideas and experiences that inspire them. The artists also share details about their studio process along with slip and glaze recipes.
–Jessica Knapp, editor.

On the Cover: Nolan Baumgartner's soda fired dinneware.

In This Issue

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions
Clay Culture: Digin' Pots
by Steph Guinan
Clay Culture: Mashiko Renewal
by Minori Thorpe with Ashley R. Barber
Studio Visit: Francisca Aldea Davila,
Santiago, Chile.
Building Conversations
by Nolan Baumgartner
Creating Traditions
by Lindsay Scypta
Serving Up Functional Conversations
by Sarah German
Balance and Versatility
by Brenda Lichman
Designing for Durability and Use
by Andy Shaw
Review: Verging on Collapse: Linda Sormin's Installations
by Kathleen Whitney
Review: Jack Sures: Ceramic Encounters
Matthew Kangas
Techno File: Blistering
by Dave Finkelnburg
Tips and Tools: Kiln Shelf Storage
by Nick and Miri Hardy
Recipes: Cone 6 Turquoise Gloss,  St. Johns Black for Cone 6–10, Slip and Color, and Liner Glazes for Cone 10 Soda Firing.
Spotlight: Here Until Not
by Ayumi Horie
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