December 2011 • Table of Contents

Focus: Functional Discussions

Has anyone ever said to you, “I’m not artistic; I can’t even draw a straight line,” and you look at them a bit sideways because first of all that’s what rulers are for and second, being artistic is like everything else: effort, sweat, and practice are what produce good results, not talent. —Sherman Hall, Editor

On the cover: Drop-rim platter, 18 in. (46 cm) in diameter, stoneware with shino glazes and wood ash, fired to cone 10 in reduction, by Matthew Hyleck, Baltimore, Maryland.

In This Issue

Techno File: Feldspar
by Dave Finkelnburg
Tips and Tools: Glaze Drip Pan
by Jim Wylder
Exposure: Images from Current and Upcoming Exhibitions
Clay Culture: Dig It
by Erin Pfeifer
Clay Culture: Beer and Clay
by Sherman Hal
Clay Culture: Animal Magnetism
by Jessica Knapp
Studio Visit: Ben Carter
Shanghai, People’s Republic of China
Functional Intent
by Matthew Hyleck
The Poetics of Utility
by Sean O’Connell
Dressing in Layers
by Megan Mitchell
Inside These Walls: Domestic Intent
by Chris Pickett
Purposeful Design
by Clay Leonard
A Pitcher with No Handle
by Bill Griffith
The Pots Behind the Mask
by David Bolton
Thinking Inside the Box
by Noah Riedel
MFA Factor: University of Wisconsin, Madison
Ancient Persian Ceramics Reviewed by Diana Lyn Roberts. Image courtesy of Smithsonian Institute’s Arthur M. Sackler Gallery in Washington, D.C.

Spotlight: Growth Habit
by Dirk Romijn
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