December 2008 • Table of Contents

Focus: Food and Pots

There is fancy food and there are fancy pots, just like there is plain food and plain pots, and they don't necessarily need to go together in that order. I'm sure you'll agree that whether it's roast veggies on the back patio or citrus sorbet in a French restaurant in Tokyo, the most important thing is quality-for the pot as well as the food.

On the cover: Euan Craig

In This Issue

The Art of Function and the Function of Art
by Euan Craig
Cooking with Clay for Slow Food and a Healthy World
by Robbie Lobell
Kirk Mangus: The Crystalline Moment
by Glen R. Brown
In Search of Sanctuary: The Works of Giselle Hicks
by Mary K. Cloonan
Ashley Howard: In Tune with Color
by Helen Bevis
The MFA Factor: Bowling Green State University
Walter Dexter
by Brian Grison
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