December 2001 • Table of Contents

On the Cover: "Torso Vase" by Rick Urban

On the cover: Vase is 11 inches in height, stoneware, with carbon-trap Shino glaze and iron wash, fired with gas to Cone 10 in reduction.

In This Issue

Barbara and Jim Larkin's Fox Pass Pottery
by Laura B. Waters
Abstractions in the Wake of Time by Glen R. Brown
JoAnn Schnabel
by Rachel Marie-Crane Williams
A Sticky Sense of Possibilities
by Laurie Anderson Hennig
Gretchen Wachs
Working with Tomo Yano
by Rick Urban
Mikang Lim
by Kirk Mangus
12th California Clay Competition
Another Way to Work
by Kurt Wild
In the Art Pottery Tradition
by Tim Eberhardt
Sussex Pottery
by Judith Fisher
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