December 1966 • Table of Contents

196612 Cover 2

On the Cover: Ceramic Mosaic by F. Carlton Ball

On the cover: Ceramic Mosaic was made from buff, red, and brown-black clays.



Parian Ware by Richard Behrens
Incised Line Decoration on Glaze by F. Carlton Ball
Cluster Pots by Frank A. Colson
Shadow Sgraffito demonstration by Marc Bellaire
Holiday Angels by Ann Entis
Decorative Effects from Ribbed Glass, Part 3 by Mary Lou Stribling
Toledo Glass National
Christmas Ornaments by Kathe Berl

Letters to the Editor 
Suggestions from Our Readers 
Answers to Questions 
Portfolio: California Ceramics by Janice Lovoos 
Index to Advertisers
Ceramics Monthly Index: January-December 1966

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