April 2014 • Table of Contents

Focus: Summer Workshops

In putting our last issue together, focused on Masters in Clay, and receiving great feedback and suggestions from you about your influences and those who you feel deserve coverage of a similar type, I began reflecting more intentionally on what really influences me in the studio. What came from that was an understanding that it’s individuals as much as their work that provide inspiration, information, and understanding. —Sherman Hall, Editor.

On the cover: Joan Bruneau's flower bricks, to 8.5 in. (22 cm) in diameter, wheel-thrown and assembled Lantz earthenware, slip, polychrome glazes, 2014.

In This Issue

Exposure: Images from current and upcoming exhibitions.
Clay Culture: In Search of Aiyanar
by Ake and Eva Nobling
Clay Culture: Sedimentology
by Maria Nordgren
Studio Visit: Diana Seidel,
Austin, Texas
Idyllic Place: The Work of Joan Bruneau
by Andrea Marquis
Catherine Lee: Constellations
by Kathleen Whitney
Val Cushing—Potter
by Ed Lebow (article only available in print edition)
Poetic Nature: The Work of Jan McKeachie Johnston
Reviewed by Anthony Merino
Tips and Tools: Triple-Stage Clay Trap
by Raquel and Dan Sobel
Techno File: Pyrometric Cones
by Tina Gebhart
Summer Workshops 2014. Photo: Gaya Ceramics, Indonesia
Ceramics and Beyond: Isreal's Seventh Ceramic Biennale

reviewed by Lilianne Milgrom
Recipes: Joan Bruneau's low-fire glazes, and Val Cushing's glazes.
Spotlight: Mid-Career Switch
by Helena Starcevic
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