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Focus: Summer Workshops

Sometimes, the harder you hit a problem, the tougher it gets. But almost always, putting yourself among other people who care about the same things you do will help you see things differently. Someone will suggest something you never thought to try. Someone has had the very same problem. Realizing that you are not special in this way is, well, special. One of the best ways to put yourself in a situation like this is to attend a workshop—and this summer is chock full of them!—Sherman Hall, Editor

On the cover: Tea set, 17 in. (44 cm) in width stoneware, porcelain, 2006; by Po-Ching Fang, Taiwan.

In This Issue

A Neutral Vision: Po-Ching Fang’s Tea Sets by Elizabeth Riechert
Relative Permanence: The Vessels of Karen Swyler by Molly Hatch
Monthly Method: Staying Inside the Lines by Karen Swyler
Ryo Toyonaga: Enigma of the Exiles
by Matthew Kangas
Studio Visit: Russell Wrankle, Toquerville, Utah
Summer Workshops


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