April 1960 • Table of Contents


On the Cover: Studio Potters Helen and David Morris

California potters Helen and David Morris are pictured working in their studio in Sausalito. Their experiments with crystalline stoneware glazes are the subject of the feature beginning on page 15.

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Enameled Spring Flowers by Kathe Berl

Crystalline Stoneware Glazes by Oppi Untracht

Animals on the Move by Alice Lasher

Lively Art of Earthenware by Karl Martz

All-in-One-Piece Mosaic by Dorothy D. Freas

Thrown Handles by Irene Kettner

Clay Play by Hilda A. Wheatley

Lamination of Ceramic Underglaze by Kay Kinney

Strictly Stoneware by F. Carlton Ball

"Life of Christ" in Enamels

Letters to the Editor

Summer Workshops


Pic of the Month

Suggestions from our Readers

Answers to Questions

Show Time: First DePauw Ceramic Show


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