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Join artists and enthusiasts all over the world who rely on Pottery Making Illustrated to teach, inspire, and help them become better ceramic artists.

One of the most exciting things about being a ceramic artist is that there is ALWAYS room to grow. In pottery making, there is always something new to learn, always something to discover. And the best part is, potters and ceramic artists are some of the most generous people out there when it comes to sharing their pottery techniques.

Case in point: Pottery Making Illustrated. In each and every issue of Pottery Making Illustrated, potters and ceramic artist share their techniques, tips, and information for the studio in a beautifully illustrated format.

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The best pottery techniques in every issue

Whether you are relatively new to ceramics, or you’re a professional artist, you will always find something to inspire you or help you solve a problem in your studio when you peruse the pages of Pottery Making Illustrated. With articles on throwing, handbuilding, sculpture, decorating and firing, Pottery Making Illustrated covers every aspect of the studio ceramic process. In each new issue, you’ll find:

  • Up-to-date information on tools, supplies, and materials for the ceramic studio
  • Fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions on exciting pottery techniques from some of the most talented artists working today
  • New glaze recipes to help you develop the best surfaces for your work
  • The ALL-NEW Tear Out and Try Poster featuring great techniques that you can hang on your studio walls

Since the first issue was published in 1998, the magazine has filled a much-needed spot in the world of ceramic art by offering studio potters timely information on materials, techniques, supplies and equipment. Like you, Pottery Making Illustrated’s editors are actively engaged in producing handmade functional pottery, sculpture, and tile so they know what kind of information potters and ceramic artists need. In each issue, you’ll benefit from content picked for you by artists just like you.

Subscribing to Pottery Making Illustrated gives you access to

  • Start-to-finish studio techniques from accomplished artists on wheel throwing, handbuilding, glazing, decorating, raku firing, slip casting, tile making, and so much more
  • Tool reviews and professional studio tips
  • Glaze recipes and decorating ideas to help you spruce up your surfaces
  • Studio health and safety information and recommendations to keep you safe and healthy
  • In the Potter’s Kitchen department in every issue, featuring a wide range of functional pottery projects, along with culinary recipes for the food that goes in the pots
  • Pottery Illustrated department in every issue, featuring professional illustrations highlighting aspects of throwing, handbuilding, decorating, history, or culture.

What will you discover in Pottery Making Illustrated?

Our step-by-step techniques, easy-to-follow instructions, and information on tools, equipment and supplies give our readers not only up-to-date information, but also loads of inspiration. The result? One of our happy readers pretty much summed it up with, “Pottery Making Illustrated is my favorite magazine, it’s full of information and ideas that continue to teach me new things in ceramics.”

Another passionate reader wrote, “I have hoarded every copy from the beginning. I loaned one issue out, never got it back . . . grrrrr!”

And perhaps best of all, you can enjoy Pottery Making Illustrated in a variety of convenient formats – on your tablet, online, or in print. And All Access Subscribers can access to every issue ever published in our online archive. That’s 20 plus years of pottery making techniques … No more worrying about missing copies!

For more than 20 years Pottery Making Illustrated has had one mission—provide clay lovers with the information they need to have more success and more fun in the studio. Pottery Making Illustrated helps potters increase their enjoyment and productivity in the studio.

Pottery Making Illustrated is published by the American Ceramic Society, a more than 110-year-old non-profit organization that promotes the professional needs of the international ceramics community. We’re celebrating our 20th year of publication, and are the world’s leading pottery techniques magazine, serving everyone from professional artists, to educators and students, to enthusiasts.

Pottery Making Illustrated is unique because of its total dedication to tips, tools, and techniques. Every issue presents professional and experienced makers sharing innovative and creative projects and advice. One of our main goals is to make your time in the pottery studio more productive, fun, and inspiring.

Subscribers to Pottery Making Illustrated recently learned how to:

  • Handbuild a vase and decorate it in the Mata Ortiz style
  • Throw a lidded microwave popcorn bowl
  • Make a scalloped-rim batter bowl (this article also featured a peach cobbler recipe! Yum!)
  • Create a woven bowl on a hump mold and finish it off with a thrown foot
  • Make a pet-food scoop using wheel-thrown parts
  • Throw tall pots without using brains rather than brawn
  • Improve back health at the wheel, by throwing standing up

In every issue of Pottery Making Illustrated, professional potters share their tried-and-true studio secrets to help readers focus on honing skills and improving their efficiency in the studio. That’s why it’s the number one resource that ceramic artists all over the world turn to for ceramic techniques.

If you would like to find ways to make your studio practice more efficient, or you’d like to challenge yourself with a new project or technique, subscribe today to the best pottery techniques magazine out there! Make Pottery Making Illustrated an essential part of your studio practice.
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PS: Remember the different magazine formats I promised to describe for you? Here are all the ways you can enjoy Pottery Making Illustrated:

  • On your tablet: The tablet edition of Pottery Making Illustrated allows subscribers to access the current issue – anywhere they want to! Plus, readers can access “subscriber extras” like special features and unique videos that go beyond the print edition. Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Online: Our mobile-friendly web edition lets you enjoy Pottery Making Illustrated in a responsive presentation that fits your computer as well as your phone, with extra images, bonus videos – PLUS it includes the full, searchable 20-year back issue archive— just one more reason to become a long-term, loyal subscriber to Pottery Making Illustrated!
  • In print: For nearly 20 years, our subscribers have taken their printed copies of Pottery Making Illustrated into their studios to learn new techniques while using the practical step-by-step instructions to develop their skills. Plus, you get the special Tear Out and Try poster to adorn your studio walls!

BONUS: You can get all three editions for a special reduced price! Subscribe now!

PPS: Please don’t wait to subscribe, because your next studio break through might be in the very next issue!

BONUS: You can get all three editions for a special reduced price! Subscribe now!

PPS: Please don’t wait to subscribe, because something wonderful that will add new joy and creativity to your ceramics work is coming in the very next issue!