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Dear Ceramic Artist,

We are all a part of many different communities in various aspects of our lives, but it’s fair to say that many of us gravitated toward the clay community because it was one where we felt a sense of joy and openness, a sense of curiosity and interest in exploration. I know that’s what drew me in. I observed that the people around me were generous, engaged, and invested not only in their own work, but also in the community in a different way than I had experienced prior. As I got more involved in the field, there was a sense that artists working in clay were my tribe.

Ceramic practitioners engage with one another, help one another grow as artists and enjoy the process as much as the finished results. And I know that’s the kind of community you’re looking for too, or you wouldn’t be reading this letter.

So let me tell you about Ceramics Monthly, the magazine that lets you indulge your artistic curiosity, instructs you on techniques and styles, introduces you to the world’s most interesting artists and makes your artistic journey just that much more enjoyable, every single month.

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Your place in the world ceramics community

You may be fairly new to ceramics, or you may be a professional artist. Wherever you are in your artistic development, you belong in this community! When you read Ceramics Monthly, you will …

  • Broaden your artistic horizons by seeing what’s hot in galleries and museums right now
  • Gain new skills and techniques that will take you in entirely new direction
  • Explore the way ceramics and culture intersect in exciting, innovative ways
  • Add new glaze recipes, tools, and other essentials shared by top ceramic artists
  • Learn valuable strategies for marketing your work, winning juried show prizes, and gaining entry to the best galleries
  • Contemplate new aesthetic concepts and artistic possibilities
  • Enhance your art, simplify your processes, and enjoy the fellowship of the world’s largest community of ceramic artists

Like you, Ceramics Monthly’s readers (and editors!) are actively engaged in producing handmade functional pottery, sculpture and tile and the artists featured in the magazine are innovators, teachers, entrepreneurs, and studio owners. Every month, you’ll benefit from the skill, artistry, wisdom, and experience of this impressive collective of ceramics arts masters.

Subscribing to Ceramics Monthly gives you access to

  • Interviews and discussions of work by contemporary artists
  • Studio techniques from accomplished artists on forming, glazing, and decorating.
  • Practical studio tips shared by potters—from making your own tools to mastering specific techniques
  • Recipes for clay and glazes from the artists featured in the issue
  • Conversations with artists on sparking creativity, overcoming challenges, helping others, running a business, and having fun in the studio

What will you discover in Ceramics Monthly?

The answer to that question is: Everything. Ceramics Monthly has whatever you’re looking for to intensify your enjoyment of making, collecting and understanding ceramic art.

We look at the long, influential careers of masters, who have contributed so much as mentors, teachers, friends, and colleagues. And we look at the emerging artists whose work is at the forefront of what is to come in our field.

You get deep dives into creativity, explorations of techniques both simple and advanced, studio visits, artist interviews and reviews, upcoming shows and reviews of recent ones, glaze recipes, tool recommendations, and tips and hacks.

And perhaps best of all, you can enjoy Ceramics Monthly in a variety of convenient formats – on your tablet, online or in print. I’ll tell you more about that in a moment.

Ceramics Monthly is published by the American Ceramic Society, a more than 110-year-old non-profit organization that promotes the professional needs of the international ceramics community. We’re celebrating our 65th year of publication, and are now the world’s largest ceramics magazine, serving everyone from professional artists to educators and students, to enthusiasts.

Whatever your connection to clay, Ceramics Monthly is perfect for you – and who knows how you may one day make an impact on the Ceramics Monthly community yourself?

There are so many discoveries to make when you read Ceramics Monthly. You’ll
travel to places like the Nixing pottery of Qinzhou, China, where this staggeringly beautiful pottery takes its colors from the earth.

You’ll meet potters like Jane Herold, Pieter Stockmans, and Nathaniel Mell and Wynn Bauer of Felt+Fat Studio, who share their experiences teaming up with chefs to create dinnerware for restaurants, and the exponential exposure that having their dinnerware in restaurants can bring.

You’ll learn about Baltimore Clayworks’ Clay and Recovery programs, which specifically help participants in residential addiction programs incorporate creativity, skill building, and self expression into their recovery process.

You’ll learn a vast array of techniques, from throwing consistently-sized pots on the wheel to creating texture with glaze to using slump molds to handbuild interesting pots.

You’ll explore every possible aspect of creativity and the forces that drive it – curiosity, solitude, nature, physical exertion, meditation.

And you can do it every month in the company of thousands of ceramic arts lovers just like you.

I urge you to subscribe today, so you can get the very next issue and begin your journey to new enjoyment and achievement in ceramics. I look forward to welcoming you to our global community!

Best regards,

Jessica Knapp

PS: Remember the different magazine formats I promised to describe for you? Here are all the ways you can enjoy Ceramics Monthly:
On your tablet: The custom-designed tablet edition gives you the same issues and articles you get in the Print Edition, but beautifully reformatted and redesigned to be navigable on your tablet, with extra images, bonus videos, and embedded archive content. Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Online: Our mobile-friendly web edition lets you enjoy Ceramics Monthly in a responsive presentation that fits your computer as well as your phone, with extra images, bonus videos – PLUS it includes the full, searchable 64-year archive!

In print: You can curl up on the sofa with a traditional print magazine and enjoy turning each glorious page. Plus, you can look forward to something beautiful delivered to your mailbox each month!

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PPS: Please don’t wait to subscribe, because something wonderful that will add new joy and creativity to your ceramics work is coming in the very next issue!