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When you have become competent with pottery making skills and you have realized that clay will always be in your life, you will probably want to learn more about developing your own ceramic glazes and/or clay bodies. Learning how different materials contribute to glazes and clay bodies is very important in expanding your abilities as a ceramic artist and it can really help you make your mark in the clay world. So you’ll probably start searching for ceramic recipes to test!

Once you start experimenting with making your own glazes, you’ll probably become hooked. You’ll always be on the lookout for new ceramic glaze recipes to try. You might even want to replace the commercial clay body you buy from the supplier with something of your own making that has exactly the right working characteristics.

What if you could find an ever-expanding collection of hundreds and hundreds of recipes fully searchable by firing temperature, atmosphere, ingredients, and more? You’ve found it with Ceramic Recipes, part of the Ceramic Arts Network family.

Access all that Ceramic Recipes has to offer now!

Easily access hundreds of ceramic recipes!

CeramicRecipes.org is the place for all of your recipes, whether you have your own or have yet to discover them. You’ll get access to an always-expanding collection of ceramic recipes (currently more than 800) that have been tested by professional artists. Save them for later testing, rate them, review them, and imagine all the possibilities they represent. You can even upload and share your own recipes with the Ceramic Recipes community.

Ceramic Recipes features:

  • Hundreds of recipes with full-color photos of finished results, as well as instructions on how to get the best effects
  • Robust search capabilities so you can find recipes by firing temperature, color, surface texture, firing atmosphere, ingredient, author, or any combination of these
  • Downloadable glaze-calculation files in the most popular formats (Insight, Hyperglaze, GlazeMaster)
  • User-friendly upload interface to make it easy to add your own recipes to store in your account
  • Favorites functionality so you can save your favorite clay and glaze recipes to your own account
  • Sharing capabilities so you can share your favorite recipes with the rest of the Ceramic Recipes community
  • Reference articles on everything from how to avoid common glaze faults

Whether you are just getting started with mixing your own glazes, or you’ve been developing ceramic glaze recipes for years, the Ceramic Recipes online database will be incredibly useful to you. Most of us have our recipes scattered around our studios on scraps of paper, but with Ceramic Recipes, they can be organized and easily accessible through a phone, tablet, or computer!

So if you are at the ceramic supplier and need ingredients for a new recipe you want to try, you can easily pull it up on your phone and determine how much you need of each using the recipe calculator function. How useful is that?!

But Ceramic Recipes is not ONLY about recipes. Remember those reference articles I mentioned above? If you peruse the reference section, you’ll find helpful articles on topics such as these:

  • Understanding the properties of ball clays
  • How to develop good glaze testing standards
  • Testing for glaze stability and food safety
  • Ceramic materials and their primary functions, plus substitutes for common materials
  • How to prevent common glaze faults such as crawling or crazing

And the best part is, we are adding reference articles on ceramic glaze chemistry and raw materials every month!

What kinds of recipes will you find on Ceramic Recipes?

With our continually growing database, you’ll likely be able to find whatever type of clay body or ceramic glaze recipe you’re looking for. Looking for special effects? No problem. We have a variety you can try out. Or maybe you are just looking for reliable cone 6 liner glaze recipes. You’ll find those too. What about slips, engobes, and terra sigillatas? There’s pages of them in Ceramic Recipes!

Ceramic Recipes was developed by the American Ceramic Society, a more than 110-year-old non-profit organization that promotes the professional needs of the international ceramics community. We developed Ceramic Recipes in response to audience desire for a searchable user-friendly recipes app.

Ceramic Recipes gives you all of this:

  • Robust search to find exactly what you’re looking for
  • Save any recipe in your own account for later testing
  • Upload your own recipes so everything is in one place
  • Download recipe files for glaze calculation
  • Share your recipes with the community

Plus, a monthly updated reference section with helpful information such as:

  • Advice on glaze mixing and testing
  • Help for understanding and using line blends
  • Advice on defects and how to fix them
  • Glaze fit, stability and food safety
  • Information on ceramic materials and their primary functions
  • How to substitute common materials in recipes

Find out why Ceramic Recipes is the best place online to build and organize your ceramic recipe collection. Join today and find, share, and store your ceramic glaze recipes on Ceramic Recipes!

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