What If? with Sandi Pierantozzi

In this best-selling Ceramic Arts Daily DVD, Sandi Pierantozzi skillfully demonstrates her soft slab handbuilding techniques, which she has perfected over the past 25 years. Sandi guides you through a variety of her signature processes and demonstrates how a wide variety of forms can be created from the same beginning. By showing...(Scroll for more.)


Runtime: 3 hours

Sneak a peek!

Purchased downloads are available to download for three days. Video files are compatible with Quicktime Player, Windows Media Player, and most other current video players. They are delivered as zip files containing the video files, and they require a broadband Internet connection to download (at 4 Mbps, this file can take 30–45 minutes to download.). Do not attempt with a dial-up connection.

…a vast array of possibilities for form, Sandi will engage you in the creative process, encouraging the question of “What if I try this…?” A seasoned workshop presenter, Sandi clearly and concisely covers practical topics you may have wondered about. Once you see her work and her demonstrations, you’ll realize how her style has now become a part of the studio ceramic art vocabulary. Original List Price: $69.97

This is one of the best DVDs I have ever seen–the instructions were clear, concise and easy to follow. I like that she went from beginning to end and feel confident that I could successfully attempt any of the projects that she demonstrated. – G., Indiana
A beginner could use this DVD set to learn everything needed to get started in clay. An experienced potter could use the techniques shown to have years of great fun producing gorgeous pottery. Even well seasoned potters will learn a thing or two. – E.W., Texas

Generous expertise

What you’ll discover about Sandi is the elegant way she approaches the clay and teaching. Clear, concise and orderly are three words that could best summarize a delivery that’s been honed over the years in countless workshops and demonstrations. A generous person both in the studio and out, Sandi provides so much information about soft slab construction, textures, templates and darts, you’ll find the PAUSE button on your DVD to be a best friend.

Many forms from a single source

The key to Sandi’s style of working is that she can take a simple cylinder and ask “what if?” over and over at various junctures of the process. What if the cylinder is tall, short; what if the texture is all over or overlapping; what if a piece is cut out here and reassembled; or what if you create three legs or fours. The key to the video is that you learn so many tips and techniques you’ll wonder how you’ll ever explore all the “what if” possibilities.


This is a very good tool for learning about the techniques that she uses. And of course you can watch it over and over. I was impressed. This one by Sandi P moves quickly and keeps you interest. Nice projects, inventive ideas, quality workmanship. Well done. – M.D. TexasI learned more from this DVD than I learned in 3, 2 month long classes. – L.C., Texas
It presented basics that somehow I had missed and gave a me solid foundation on which to apply my own creativity. I love it and it will be a staple in my studio. – M., Washington

What you get

Sandi covers topics such as choosing the right clay, rolling a good slab using a rolling pin, ideas for all kinds of textures, how to add volume, working with circular and rectangular templates, altering forms with darting, making good handles, making lids, tripod feet, and more. She maintains that techniques are the building blocks for anything you want to achieve in clay.

A lifetime of ideas

If you were able to get through this entire DVD and actually try every technique Sandi demonstrates, you may have missed the point. With Sandi constantly asking “What if?” throughout the program, you soon find yourself exploring so many possibilities with each technique — not a bad thing. But unlike a workshop, you can return over and over again until, perhaps years from now, you reach the end.

The best pottery DVD’s I’ve ever seen. It helped get me out of a very “dry” period. Such Inspiration. – P.V. Mass
I hope Sandi does another DVD. Her demonstrations and commentary are the best I’ve seen. – D., Alberta, Canada
I love it and am using the techniques for my work and with my students already. – C.Z., Kentucky
I am able to view each technique at my leisure to absorb it slowly. – P., New York
It was like having Sandi in the studio, with the advantage of hitting rewind if I missed something. – M., Ohio
Sandi is an AMAZING presenter. Her video was worth every penny and I’m very glad I bought it! – J.T., Maryland
It is explained so clearly–just perfect! – C.S. New York
It was beyond my expectations! – S., Wisconsin
I wish they were longer. Love watching them! – R., Indiana


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