Variations on Volume & Line with Doug Peltzman

In this video, Doug Peltzman demonstrates and discusses how he plays with volume and line to create unique pots with active, engaging surfaces. Doug’s process is all about curiosity. By allowing himself to experiment with forms and surfaces, his work can continually evolve. (Scroll for more!)

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Runtime: 2 hours, 40 minutes

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Variety is the Spice of Life!

Doug focuses on mugs and yunomis in this presentation, and explores some of the endless variations that can be made by playing with the volume of a simple cylinder. You’ll be inspired by the variety of outcomes he gets by stretching the volume here and constricting it there. Throughout the demonstration, Doug shares great ideas for making marks on the freshly thrown surface using both homemade and repurposed tools.

Sculpted Handles

Handles serve an important purpose on a pot, but it can be difficult to get them right. Doug admits that he avoided handles on pots before finally coming up with a technique for making them just the way he wants them. If you have handle anxiety, try Doug’s approach of essentially sculpting the handles you want!

Stunning Surfaces

After playing with line and volume on the freshly thrown pots, Doug shifts to his spectacular surface techniques, which tie everything together. He covers inlay techniques using stencils, texture, wax, and black slip.

Glazed to Perfection

It all comes together in the glazing and Doug shares how he makes his complex glazing process methodical and manageable. To create the dynamic surfaces on his pots, Doug does a lot more than just dunking. Using latex and wax, plus a few different glazes, he shows you how to get exciting surfaces that are both visually and tactilely pleasing!

This video is packed full of nuggets of information that will help you solve problems and stay excited in the studio!

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