Unifying Form & Surface with Sean O'Connell

In ceramics, the best surfaces are not just slapped on top of a pot, they are integral to the pot. They complete the pot. In this video, Sean O’Connell shares his expertise on how to create surfaces that become one with the form. In addition to demonstrating decorating methods such as brushwork, carving, resists, and more, Sean focuses on the particular characteristics of each form and how to use design principles to tie the ... (Scroll for more).

$47.97 — $52.97

Runtime: 2 hours, 50 minutes

Sneak a peek!

Purchased downloads are available to download for three days. Video files are compatible with Quicktime Player, Windows Media Player, and most other current video players. They are delivered as zip files containing the video files, and they require a broadband Internet connection to download (at 4 Mbps, this file can take 30–45 minutes to download.). Do not attempt with a dial-up connection.

… form and surfaces together.

Maximize the impact!

Learn how to use principles of design to tailor pattern and decoration to complement a diverse set of forms. Sean covers cups, mugs, plates, jars, vases, bowls, and a basket form.

Beautiful brush strokes!

Pick up techniques for making fluid thick-to-thin brush marks, near-perfect circles, and more. Sean’s clear explanation will help you understand which brush to use to make what marks, and how to hold and move the brush to make those marks.

Get on the grid!

Discover how to create a grid-based framework for pattern and adapt it to fit the nuances of a variety of forms. Sean shares tricks for creating grids with pencil to guide his brushstrokes. The best part is, since it is all done on bone dry pots, it is easy to clean up mistakes!

Stencils, resists, copper wash, and more!

Learn how to layer underglazes, washes, and use stencils and wax resist to create great surfaces with depth. Sean’s thorough and clear instructions show you in what order to make the marks and explain why to do it in that order.

This presentation is loaded with all of this and more! You’ll have so many new techniques and ideas, the hardest part will be deciding which one to try first!

About the artist

Sean O’Connell is a studio potter and educator living in Red Lodge, Montana. Currently, he is the education and communications coordinator at the Red Lodge Clay Center. After earning a BFA in sculpture at the Kansas City Art Institute, he became increasingly dedicated to making functional pottery and pursued his MFA in ceramics at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York State in 2009. He has participated in a number of artist residencies including a two-year fellowship at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana. In 2013, he was named one of Ceramics Monthly’s Emerging Artists and in 2016 as one of 6 Emerging Artists at the annual NCECA conference in Kansas City. He has taught at numerous universities and colleges; most recently at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Alberta College of Art + Design in Calgary, AB, Canada. To learn more about Sean O’Connell and see more images of his work, please visit www.seanoconnellpottery.com.

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