The Stroke and The Splash with Sam Scott

In this video, Sam Scott shares his two signature surface decoration techniques: Beautiful brushwork with various oxides, and a unique black-and-white pouring technique. All along the way he presents tips and tricks for glazing success that he has developed throughout his 45 years in clay. ... (Scroll down for more!)


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Runtime: 1 hour, 40 minutes

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Make a Splash!

Sam starts out with his pouring technique that creates the fun biomorphic black and white patterned vessels he is known for. While this technique, a combination of a splash and a pour (or as Sam calls it, a “sploursh”), creates results that may look spontaneous, it actually takes a great deal of control, and Sam shares all his tips for creating marks that work. He also gives tricks for cleaning up accidental drips and mistakes.

Glazing Success!

Sam moves on to the clear base coat of glaze to prepare for his brushwork decoration, and presents numerous glazing tips that could apply to any type of glaze. You’ll learn his brilliant double dipping technique for getting an even coat of glaze on the inside and outside of a vessel in one fell swoop!

Make Your Mark with Handmade Brushes

In preparation for his brushwork decoration, Sam moves on to his process for making handmade brushes. You’ll learn step-by-step how to make brushes that are unique to you and will help you to make your own marks. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on fancy brushes any more!

Beautiful Brushwork

Next, Sam shares a variety of brushwork techniques on a variety of pieces. You’ll learn a plethora of ways to make marks with brushes, as well as tricks to make the process more ergonomic. You’ll also pick up tips for combining brushwork and wax resist for a batik effect. Get ready to be inspired!

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