The Mix & Match with Brenda Quinn Collection

Buy both and save! Brenda Quinn’s video Mix & Match: Forming Techniques is the perfect antidote if you've become stuck in the studio. In her other video, Mix & Match: Surface Techniques, Brenda Quinn shares how she creates her gorgeous surfaces, and layer by layer. You’ll discover how she mixes and matches handbuilding and throwing techniques to make unique pottery and then tops it all off using custom foam stamps, contact paper stencils on bisqueware, glaze inlay and much more! Best of all, if you buy both videos, you'll save!



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Mix & Match: Forming Techniques

In this video presentation, Brenda Quinn shares her versatile and accessible approach to form. You’ll discover how she mixes and matches techniques to come up with unique pottery that is both decorative and functional. If you’ve grown tired of making the same ol’ same ol’, Brenda’s approach will be a refreshing jump start to your creativity!

Runtime: 2 hours 10 minutes

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Everything You Need

Brenda’s unique mixing and matching of techniques is excellent fodder for ideas in the studio. Watch this video and prepare to get your creative gears turning!

Mix & Match: Surface Techniques

In this follow up to Mix & Match: Forming Techniques, Brenda Quinn demonstrates how she creates her beautifully patterned surfaces. The key to a great surface is knowing how to combine various techniques using the right materials in the right order. In this informative presentation, Brenda shares how she does this step by step, and layer by layer.

Runtime: 1 hour 27 minutes

Sneak a peek!

Simple Techniques, Endless Variation

If you find your surfaces are looking a bit flat, this clear, informative step-by-step presentation will help you turn them from blah to breathtaking!

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