The Lisa Naples Collection

The Best of Both Worlds! Whether you are a potter interested in expanding your repertoire to include sculpture, or vice versa, Lisa Naples’ two videos – Functional Pottery and Narrative Animal Sculpture – are loaded with information and inspiration. When you buy the two together you can save up to $20 off the original list price! (Scroll for more.)



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Lisa covers a wide range of pottery and sculpture techniques on these two videos – pinching, cutting and darting, wheel throwing and altering, slip decorating, glazing, and much more – and every one of these techniques can be mixed and matched to create your next masterpiece.

Flat to Functional: Handbuilding & Slip Decorating with Lisa Naples

Play, Process, Practice!

If you ever wanted to learn how to be really creative with clay, take Lisa Naples’ advice — play, process, and practice. This simple mantra guides her imagination and her hands as she works out simple forms with colorful animated surfaces. In her video, Flat to Functional — Handbuilding & Slip Decorating, you’ll discover just how rewarding it can be when your personality comes through in the pots you make.

Everything You Need

Whether you’re just getting started or looking for the right boost of creativity, Lisa’s comprehensive video includes everything you need to improve on handbuilding slab forms and decorating.

Sneak a peek!

In this video, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create flat slabs of even consistency with a rolling pin
  • Make a jar and pitcher from slabs
  • Form lids, handles and knobs
  • Use slips of varying consistencies to create texture
  • Apply slips using a dry brush technique
  • Use stain washes to highlight textures
  • Plus you’ll pick up dozens of other tips along the way!

Run Time: 2 hours 20 minutes


Narrative Animal Sculpture with Lisa Naples

Have a Story to Tell?

Animals have long been used as symbols in storytelling all around the world, and visual artists have been using animal figures in artwork for just as long. If you want to tell stories in clay using animals, but need a little guidance along the way, Lisa Naples’ newest video Narrative Animal Sculpture can set you on the right course. You’ll be amazed at how quickly Lisa’s clay critters take shape, and eager to give it a try in your own studio.

Simple Techniques, Endless Variation

Sculpting animals does not have to be complicated. Lisa begins all mammals the same way: with a simple pinch pot. Then, using anatomy books and online image searches as reference, she begins to articulate the nuances that make each animal unique. You’ll see in the examples of work by Lisa’s students how versatile, and accessible, this technique is.
For birds, Lisa has found that a simple solid construction process works best to capture the unique expressions made by our feathered friends. She walks step-by-step through this technique, then shows how to combine it with a thrown vase form to create a hybrid between functional pottery and sculpture.

Sneak a peek!

Here’s a sampling of some of the techniques you’ll pick up:

  • sculpting convincing animals and birds
  • hollow and solid construction techniques
  • making sculpture with ceramics and mixed media
  • adapting sculpture for the wall
  • using epoxies for mixed media and ceramic sculpture
  • brush work and dry-brush slip application techniques

and more…

Run-time: 2 hours, 20 minutes

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