The Linda Bloomfield Glaze Trilogy

Get the Linda Bloomfield glazing trilogy and dive in to the world of ceramic glazes! This three book collection is jam-packed with glaze recipes, information about the basics of chemistry written in clear and simple terms, and a variety of special effect techniques to use in your work! Pick up all three today and save! (Scroll down for more!)



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Special Effect Glazes

Learn to create dazzling surface effects!

In this beautiful and informative book, a whole world of special effects glazes are explored, including crackle glazes, crystal glazes, crater glazes, lichen glazes and drippy glazes. You’ll discover how each glaze ingredient contributes to the end result, from the volcanic effects of silicon carbide, to the mottling and streaking powers of light magnesium carbonate. Special Effect Glazes is essential for any ceramic artist interested in creating eye-catching glazes or wanting to develop their knowledge of glaze-making. After reading this book, you’ll be more than ready to experiment with your own formulas to achieve the perfect finish.

Science for Potters

The science of ceramics explained!

Science for Potters covers those aspects of science that are useful to potters and that help to give a deeper understanding of ceramic materials and processes. By gaining a deeper understanding of materials, their structure, composition, origins, and how they interact, potters can have greater control over and new insights into their craft. Many people think that science is a subject that is at the opposite end of the spectrum from art. But ceramic artists know that ceramics IS science as much as it is art. Trouble is, science is a subject that doesn’t come easily for some. That’s why Linda Bloomfield, who was trained as a scientist before becoming a potter, wrote Science for Potters.

Colour in Glazes

No experience necessary!

A complete guide to getting a fantastic spectrum of colorful glazes, Linda Bloomfield looks at a full range of materials and options for creating colors in glazes. This book is illustrated with finished work as well as an extensive collection of sample test tiles to illustrate the variety of colors possible from metal oxides in ceramics. The practical aspects of mixing, applying, testing and adjusting glazes are also explained, while a large selection of glaze recipes are included for use on earthenware, stoneware and porcelain fired in electric, gas and salt kilns. A very useful book aimed at making glazes that achieve the colors you want, and to help you broaden your palette.

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