The Graphic Pot with Jason Bige Burnett

In this edition of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents Video Series, Jason Bige Burnett shares his techniques for creating colorful, handbuilt pots with a graphic punch! Combining his background in printmaking and graphic design with his love of clay, Jason begins with an in-depth introduction to screen printing–from how to mix ...(Scroll for more.)

$47.97 — $52.97

Runtime: Approximately 2 hours 45 minutes

Sneak a peek!

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…emulsion, to burning a screen in an easy-to-assemble exposure unit at home, Jason doesn’t miss a beat. Next, he details how to make ordinary ceramic underglazes and engobes suitable for screen printing and then shares his process for screening them onto newsprint for transferring later to clay work. Jason then demonstrates how he makes a number of handbuilt forms and tops it all off with an explanation of additional decorative techniques he uses in the glazing and post firing process.

Some skills you’ll pick up:

  • applying photosensitive emulsion to a screen
  • burning a screen in easy low-cost exposure unit
  • screen printing onto newsprint
  • using slip to transfer printed images to round pots
  • enhancing your prints with mono printing techniques
  • handbuilding cups, plates, and bowls with plaster molds
  • enhancing surface texture with underglaze washes
  • using decals to add another layer to surface

Screen print like a pro

Jason draws on his background in printmaking to provide an in-depth explanation of the screen-printing process. If you’ve ever thought about burning your own screens, but figured it would be too much of a hassle, Jason explains how you can create a low-cost, easy-to-setup exposure unit at home. Then he shows you how to screen print like a pro, covering such details as the proper posture, how to store your prints, and more.

Combining the 2-D with the 3-D

Right out of the jar, underglazes and engobes don’t work for this image transfer process. Special considerations need to be made to get your screen printed images onto a ceramic form. But with Jason’s easy-to-make modifications, designs can be printed onto newsprint paper and stored for future use. Try doing that with ordinary underglazes! After prepping the ink, Jason shares his slip recipe and how to use the slip as a transfer agent to get the two-dimensional print onto a three dimensional pot.

Image transfer and beyond!

But this video is much more than just screen printing! Jason explains how he uses other techniques such as paper stencils, stamping, and decals to push the decoration farther. He shows how you can paint on colored slips in combination with the screen printed imagery in a technique similar to mono printing to make your prints multi-hued. Plus, he shares his finishing techniques with stains and decals.

Cups, bowls, and plates!

Jason also shares his hand building process for cups, bowls, and platters, and how he incorporates his decoration onto those forms. You’ll learn how Jason has simplified his handbuilding process using plaster hump molds for forming. These simple forms are the perfect compliment to Jason’s bold graphic decoration.

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