The Extruder Video with Daryl Baird

In this installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents Video Series, Daryl E. Baird draws on his extensive experience working with the clay extruder to demystify this useful piece of studio equipment. A little planning goes a long ...(Scroll for more.)

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…way, and Baird shares a multitude of tips for creating an efficient workspace and having a high success rate with your extrusions. From installation to making custom dies, Daryl shows how to exploit the efficiency of the extruder and pair it with your own creativity to create exciting ceramic art.

Extruding Basics

Daryl begins his easy-to-follow video by showing you how to set up an extruding area in your studio. Many extruder owners fail to consider the work environment when they set up this tool so they often find success elusive. From decades of experience, Daryl explains best practices for mounting the extruder and establishing an “extruder zone” that will help ensure successful results.

Projects to Build Skills

An extruder provides a lot of creative opportunities for the clay lover. Like the wheel and the slab roller, the extruder is limited only by the experience and imagination of the user. To help you gain experience, Daryl takes you step-by-step through a series of projects that will give you some insight into the capabilities of this versatile tool. If you’ve just been using an extruder for coils and handles, you’ll soon see the possibilities in store for you.

Making Dies

At the heart of any extruder is the die. Unlike early extruders, the latest models now come equipped with a wide selection of dies you can buy. You can customize dies you buy or you can make your own dies. In this video, Daryl demonstrates how to make several kinds of dies from the simple die made from a credit card to multi-part complex dies to create ornate and unusual extrusions.

About the Artist

Daryl E. Baird has been working with clay since enrolling in a sculpture class at Richland College in Richardson, Texas, in 1993. There he was given the opportunity to work with a clay extruder and he began to discover its potential. From that introduction came a career of making and selling pottery plus a commitment to share what he discovered with others through his teaching and writing.


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