The Extruder Book: 2nd Edition

This extensive how-to book puts you in touch with all the creative potential of the extruder. With more than 50% new material, this book features new works by artists, up-to-date information on extruders, and sixteen great step-by-step demonstrations, making it a must for anyone with an extruder in their studio.

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Softcover | 164 Pages
Order code B123 | 978-1-57498-328-9

The Set-up

If you have an extruder and aren’t sure what to do with it, Daryl’s comprehensive book updates his best-selling first edition. You’ll discover tips for setting up your studio, supplies you’ll need to make extruding easier, and accessories that will help you with more complicated extrusions. Your extruder set-up can be as sophisticated as any pro’s with less effort than you think.

Demonstrations That Rock

Since his first edition, Daryl has expanded his offering of projects and you’ll discover sixteen great demonstrations which will increase your confidence and challenge your skills. From using simple dies to constructing projects from multiple-part dies, Daryl carefully leads you step-by-step through projects that run the gamut of complexity. As you master each process, your imagination will inspire even more ideas to take on.

No Extruder, No Problem

If you don’t already have an extruder, don’t worry. Daryl describes what’s on the market today from major manufacturers, but he also includes plans on how to make your own extruder from parts you can gather at a local home center. But the essence of an extruder is the die and here is where Daryl showcases his expertise. From altering stock dies to creating complex multi-part dies, you’ll find instructions for making unique dies unlike any you can buy on the market.

Lots of Examples

To illustrate just how versatile the extruder is, Daryl showcases the work of dozens of potters and artists using the extruder in their work. You’ll be inspired by the creativity and you’ll see that your extruder is capable of much more than just making test tiles or strap handles.


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