Terra Sigillata: Contemporary Techniques

In Terra Sigillata: Contemporary Techniques, Rhonda Willers provides an historical overview, as well as technical information on how to make, mix, and apply terra sigillatas. In addition, she presents contemporary artist profiles and techniques to enrich and encourage your terra sigillata development.(Scroll down for more!)


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Softcover | 168 Pages
Order code B171 | ISBN 978-1-57498-386-9

Terra Sigillata: Where it came from and where it’s going

Teapot by Pete Pinnell.

The rich, expressive surface qualities of terra sigillata have been attracting and fascinating artists since the time of iconic Greek Attic Ware and Roman Terra Sigillata. In his foreword, renowned educator and terra sigillata potter Pete Pinnell provides an informative discussion of the historical context of terra sigillatas. Rhonda expands on this historical background and brings us up through the contemporary with a beautifully illustrated timeline of historical and contemporary terra sigillata wares.

The basics and beyond!

Step-by-step instructions with images.

Because it is applied in such a thin layer, terra sigillata doesn’t obscure even the most subtle textures on an object. If you are enamored with the tactile surface qualities that clay can produce, terra sigillata is the ideal coating for you. And if you are new to the material, this book is the perfect place to start. You’ll learn all about what makes a good terra sig, the materials do you need to get started, how to mix and syphon terra sig, and much more!

“Try it Like” artist profiles abound in this book!

Highlights of what’s inside:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to measure specific gravity, which will result in a better end product
  • How to work with high-fire and mid-range terra sigillatas
  • Instructions for making new colors, trouble-shooting or embracing common issues, and ideas for new uses
  • How to create complex blended base terra sigillatas to build depth in your work
  • Examples of terra sigillatas at all temperature ranges: low-fire, mid-range, and high-fire

Packed with techniques

Twelve “Process” sections featured throughout the book.

This book is loaded with techniques. Twelve “Process” sections featuring illustrated, step-by-step instruction on making, siphoning, and blending terra sigillatas. In addition, you’ll find 33 “Try It Like” sections featuring artist profiles of contemporary ceramic artists explaining how they use and create terra sigillatas for their work.

"Try it Like" artist profiles provide tips, recipes, and step-by-step information straight from the artist!

Beautiful spreads outlining step-by-step processes with full-color images.

Reading this book will empower artists interested in exploring this material and inspire artists who already work with it.

Errata: Didem Mert’s recipe on pages 116 and 142 should read 28 pounds water. Liz Zlot Summerfield’s recipe on pages 72 and 144 should read 1500 grams clay. Vered Binyamini’s recipe on pages 98 and 139 should read 2500 grams XX Sagger Ball Clay.

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