Suze Lindsay – Elegant Ewer

Suze Lindsay has been a professional potters dedicated to perfection for many many years. In this video, she demonstrates her technique for creating one of her signature ewers using thrown and slab parts. This elegant ewer is constructed of six pieces, each requiring a range of skills from ...(Scroll for more.)



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Runtime: 44 minutes

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…design considerations, timing, and craftmanship to the proper construction, handling and attaching of the individual parts to create a well-proportioned functional piece of art.

Skills you’ll pick up from watching Suze’s Ewer video:

  • How to make and use custom drape molds
  • How to makeSuze’s “poochie bags” out of sand and cloth to help work clay into drape molds
  • How to build with stiff slabs
  • How to use flexible ribs for effective joining of parts
  • How to throw off the hump
  • How to make and attach sprig feet
  • How to make a slab spout using a template and a pencil
  • How to decorate with slips to accentuate forms
  • How to make fluid brush marks
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