Surface Decoration Techniques

Ceramic art consists of two major components: surface and form. Either one can make your sculpture or pot a success or a failure. In Surface Decoration Techniques, you’ll discover a wealth of ...(Scroll for more.)

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Softcover | 144 Pages
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…information about how to approach the surface of your ceramic surfaces through a wide variety of techniques from more than 30 professional clay artists with decades of experience. Each approaches the surface from a different perspective, with different tools, at a different stage in the process, with different results—so the results for you are greatly expanded!

Forming & Texture

Surface treatments can occur at any stage of the ceramic process, but many artists prefer to create interesting surfaces during the forming stage. You’ll discover how Margaret Bohls makes textured slabs for her signature vases, while A. Blair Clemo builds forms from highly ornate molds. Other surface decorating techniques include using glass dishes for texture, blending colored clays using a laid agate process, perforating the clay surface while maintaining strength, as well as several approaches to creating your own stamps and texture rollers.

Layers & Inclusions

Surface decoration can range anywhere from the simplest treatment to the most lavish designs depending on your personal tastes. Liz Smith loves the ornate and adds decoration at every stage of the ceramic process to create surfaces that dazzle. But the variety is endless. Sumi von Dassow fires pieces in a Weber grill, Tim Ludwig finds inspiration in 19th century lithographs, Jeremy Randall mimics old barn architecture with nails and wire, and Dennis Maust duplicates the surfaces and patina of ancient Rome.

Carving & Etching

Since a leather hard clay surface can be altered, many artists show no fear in taking liberties with ways to leave their mark. Matt Repsher specializes in piercing the surface with an architectural flair, while Ryan McKerley, Roger Graham, and Jim Gottuso reveal three approaches to etching with water. Hank Murrow alters his faceting by continuing to throw after he cuts the surface, and Ann Ruel carves block stamps to create intricate sprigs. If you’re interested in a more subtle surface treatment, Wayne Bates, Lyla Goldstein, and Ben Krupka provide instructions on how to successfully use the sgraffito technique.

If you’re looking for instruction and information to increase your skills in the clay studio, Surface Decoration Techniques provides enough of everything to keep you inspired for years to come. With dozens of talented artists and scores of techniques and tips, you’ll find it all here!

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